TESTER - Roll-On Essential Oil - Dream

You asked, we delivered.

Now your favorite, classic hydraAromatherapy essential oil blends are available in convenient and accessible Essential Oil Roll-On bottles. Beautiful scents with beautiful packaging, these new additions will bring elegant design to your aromatherapy experience.

From chamomile fields to your pocket or purse, we pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly shower and body products that elevate your everyday through the power of essential oils.

Dream is a tranquility-inviting blend of Chamomile & Lavender essential oils.

  • Handmade in the U.S.A
  • Vegan/Cruelty-free
  • All natural ingredients with pure essential oils
  • To use, apply oil to hands, neck and wrists for a therapeutic effect.  Dry hands prior to use.
  • A base of invisible grapeseed oil makes these the perfect aromatherapy fix morning, day or night.

Lull your mind to rest with the calming blend of Chamomile & Lavender:

Chamomile has a comforting herbal aroma and works as a natural sedative, helping your body and mind prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Lavender has a soft and floral aroma offering calming effects.

TESTER: Limit three per blend per order.

Not labeled for resale.

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